Thursday, November 29, 2012

Plowwies Olwen Second Life Mesh Pajamas & Slippers

Plowwie Voom of Plowwies Jammies & Slippers has some new men's mesh Second Life pajamas and slippers available.  This just released set is called "Olwen" and there are ten colors to choose from.  The pajamas include 5 sizes of shirts and pants.  They feature a snowflake design on the pants and the slippers are hat wearing sheep with tongues hanging out and blinking eyes.  

The first two photos are of the green set #4.

The following set in purple is #7.

Both sets are available in world at the Plowwies store and should be available in the Second Life Marketplace soon.  There are 8 more colors to choose from and separate versions of this set for women.

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Get your own set of jammies at Plowwies today:


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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Plowwie Voom's Second Life Country Western Saloon

Plowwie Voom of Plowwies has just released her new amazing country western saloon for Second Life and filled it with numerous fun and highly creative features and details. 

One of the posts near the entrance has a standing pose.

The saloon includes copy/mod tables, chairs, and candle lamps.

Also included is a nice bar with a standing pose, stools, and a bartender pose/animation.

Plowwie has included paintings and many funny signs.  Some of the signs are functional including the group joiner and a box for visitors to deposit applications.

There is a stage with a singing pose for performers.  This saloon is perfect for a country western / old West themed dance club.

Plowwie has also included a beautiful antique piano with playing animation.

Also on the stage is a drum with animation.

There is a donkey tip jar and a dance barrel (dances not included) where you can insert your own dances.

The walls throughout the saloon are adorned with candle lamps and a light reflection on the wall - a nice detail.

A set of stairs takes you to the second floor.

The view from upstairs.

There are hilarious barrels that break after you sit on them. Haha!

A drink barrel by the bar dispenses drinks to customers via a menu that includes numerous beverage options.

On the wall to the right of the bar is a texture changing frame that you can add your own photos/textures to.

There is a wagon that you can sit on outside near the front of the saloon.

Prims: 475 including furniture.
Permissions: Mod/Copy/No Trans (scripts and poses are no mod.)

Only L$799.

See this incredible saloon at Plowwies - SLURL:         

Or at the Second Life Marketplace:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Plowwies Wallie Jammies - Second Life Mesh Pajamas and Wolf Slippers

New! Plowwie Voom of Plowwies Jammies & Slippers has just released her mesh Wallie Jammies and slippers.  Set 6 is pictured in blue with a sheep, stars and crescent moon pattern. Don't they look comfortable?

They are packaged with five size options in rigged mesh and include awesome wolf head slippers, complete with blinking eyes!

The soft mesh of course bends and moves with your avatar.

Yummy bacon and eggs for breakfast.

*Plowwies* Wallie Jammies Set 6
Includes 5 sizes, with copy and modify perms.

Get your own jammies at Plowwies today:

Plowwies has a great selection of cute pajamas for women and men and also many every day outfits including dresses and new mesh Winter coats for women, and very cool tip jars. Need a coffee I.V.?  She has that too!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Second Life Full Permissions Mesh, Sculpties, Textures Fair at Old Europe

Visit the 2nd Annual Full Permissions Mesh, Sculpties, and Textures Fair at Old Europe.  November 1st through 15th.  This is the first and only fair of its type in Second Life.  Top creators offer Christmas and seasonal items, mesh clothing, shoes, sculpties, new releases, fair specials and exclusive items for builders.  There will also be DJs, light shows, music, and dancing.