Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mobile Second Life for Android Tablets

A new mobile Second Life service for Android Tablets.  The drawback? - Price: "Rates low as $2.50/hr."

Linden Lab

OnLive, the leader in cloud gaming, today released an exciting new service for Second Life users. SL Go, now in open beta, is a mobile Second Life viewer for Android that delivers a fully immersive desktop-like experience on tablets.

With SL Go, you can experience Second Life from anywhere you have Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity, with ultra high-quality graphics, full shaders, shadows, and the Advanced Lightning Model on Android devices. Not only can you get high-quality graphics on a low-powered device, but you also don’t have to sacrifice frame rate or draw distance for high fidelity inworld explorations. Thanks to super-fast gigabit connections with OnLive’s high-performance gaming servers, objects and textures rez quickly when logging in and teleporting. OnLive has clocked the SL Go viewer at upwards of 200 fps set to Ultra with Maximum Render Distance, allowing people to participate in events, engage in combat games, and generally enjoy immersion in Second Life at a level never before possible on a mobile device. With SL Go, OnLive has brought touchscreen interaction to the Second Life experience, but if you prefer keyboard and mouse, you can opt to connect these devices and interact with your friends in the same way you always have. SL Go gives you access to edit menus, inventory, preference settings and chat management just like the Second Life Viewer on your home computer.

You’ll need an OnLive account to launch the app, and then you’ll log into Second Life with the same credentials you’ve always used. To learn more, register, and get started with a free trial now, visit

For the time being, SL Go is available to users logging in from the US, Canada and the UK. OnLive plans to expand the service to other locales in the future, so if you are interested in having SL Go in your region, sign up here. The company is also pursuing an iOS version of the app. You can sign up here to be notified when it is released.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Plowwie's "Fall in Love" Mesh Pajamas - Second Life

New!  Plowwie's Mesh "Fall in Love" pajamas.   This set of Autumn themed jammies comes with 4 shirt sizes, 5 pant sizes, slippers and alpha layers. 

Visit the SL Marketplace to purchase.  The men's set is available at the following URL:

And the Women's set:

Coming soon to Plowwie's in-world store.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Second Life Space Sky Box Platform - Get Lost in Space, Dancing With the Stars

Star Wars

I shot the above photo inside of Sweet Pix'els' new Second Life Space Skybox Platform, "Get Lost in Space."

I decided to use mine initially as a backdrop for a space battle photo. But if that doesn't interest you, this gorgeous space sky box is the perfect place for an isolated, peaceful, relaxing, and private get-away in the sky.  It's a great location to dance,  have a space-themed party, or just be alone to meditate or de-stress.   See the  additional photos below.   Photos don't do it justice however.  You really need to see it.  Since there are so many layers of color, subtle particle effects, and space gasses, areas of it can looks so different, depending on your camera angle position.   So there are almost unlimited possibilities for taking beautiful photographs and enjoying this unique experience.  Get one today.

The special introductory price is only L$399.  - Marketplace link (click here.)

Note:  Star Wars space ships are not included.
Venus and Mars ... ♡ღ❤ Why not plan a Special Evening with your very own Romantic Getaway ... *Get Lost in Space* and dance amongst the Stars ☆ 
For Best Effect ~ Rez a Prim to above 2000M and turn your settings to Midnight, install your Rez`Faux Box, just click it and Voila... your instant Space Sphere with rotating planets (note: can be rezzed at any level)
Suitable for intimate evenings alone or for any Large Gatherings, for Clubs and/or any Special Events. 
Circumference of 57M 
If you encounter any difficulties, please just Instant Message me ~In`World~ and I will get back to you at the first available moment. 
Please Note: Dances and poses not included,
Once rezzed, individual parts are not copy, you need to rez the full copy Rez-Faux Box again for your *Space Sphere*"
Here are some additional photos of the Space Sky Box taken by Sweet Pix'els:

Click here to buy the Space Sky Box on the Second Life Marketplace.