Monday, May 29, 2017

Water Horse Riding Horse Double Rider System - Second Life

The Double Rider System for the wearable Bento Water Horse Riding Horse is now available.  The system requires you to own either the Warmblood or Western Quarterhorse and requires rez rights on the land where you will use it.

Instructions provided by creator Tyrian Slade:
"To ride:
1) Horse rider sits on ball
2) Passenger clicks on horse and selects ride!
You can adjust riding position or switch drivers by clicking the horse's body and following prompts.
If you get stuck on anything, try jumping"
There is also a rezzer version available separately that rezzes a double rider horse.

To purchase, visit the Water Horse sim at the following SLURL:


  1. The double rider seems confusing to use, as the required WH riding horse comes with an animation that seats the rider on the saddle. The rider is then unable to sit on the double rider pose ball. The only way I found around it is to rez the double rider first, sit on the pose ball and then add (attach) the riding horse. Then you sink into the ground even without any active ao. I also found it advisable not to use the riding horse gesture hud. A "jump" from the double rider animations then sets everything right. The second rider can then mount behind the main rider by clicking the reins and the horse's gait can be changed with the up & down arrows as noted in the chat note.

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