Sunday, September 23, 2012

Old Europe Autumn Fair and Acorn Hunt - Second Life

The All About Autumn Fair and Acorn Hunt is open at Old Europe Village from September 21 until October 15.  

"OPEN NOW!!  September 21st - October 15th
Lots of FREE Gifts at the Acorn HUNT. Top SL  designers have prepared for you  many great fashion and decorative items  hidden in the market carts  find the  acorn hunt object in Old Europe Village  The Autumn themed acorn ferris wheel is great place to look at the village hunters below and the colorful trees surrounding the square. Dancing- Boat Tour "all the seasons call this home"

Here are some photos taken at the fair - more will be added later:

Some of the free items available inside of the acorns that are near the carts throughout the village (images from Rux's blog):

The Orbis Secundus cart.

The Donna Flora cart.

Donna Flora's hunt item.

The Silent Nights cart.

Cinders Vale and the crew from's Happy Hunting show shot their interview with Old Europe's fair organizer Up4 Dawes live on-sim.

Cinders Vale and Up4 Dawes

You can watch the interview live at the studio on September 28 at 3 PM.

Leezu!'s Cart

The Milky House cart.

Ruxy's Design Cart

Sassy's cart.

Plowwies Jammies & Slippers Cart

Visit Old Europe's Autumn Fest and Acorn Hunt by going to the following SLURL (Old Europe): 


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