Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Second Life - Doc Martin's Port Isaac

Up4 Dawes and Rux Anatra, the owners of Old Europe, have simulated the TV show Doc Martin's Port Isaac in Second Life.   Here are some photos that I took today.

Visit Port Isaac at Sunrise High, near Old Europe at the following SLURL:


And here are excerpts from an article about the SL Port Isaac project by Janey Bracken at CNN iReport:
Port Isaac used to be a sleepy fishing village in the heart of North Cornwall, situated in the South West of England. I say ‘used to be’ a sleepy fishing village because the port is now one of the busiest locations in Cornwall for tourists, especially during the summer months. So I’m delighted to tell you that you can miss all the crowds and take a trip to a virtual version of this unique village without even leaving your armchair! Up4 Dawes, who owns the spectacular Old Europe sim, has built a replica of Port Isaac in Second Life. Complete with the high street, restaurants, shops, hotels and houses as well as a very realistic looking harbour, this will be sure to attract many virtual explorers who want to taste a little of what the real Port Isaac is all about... 
Up4 Dawes, has done a brilliant job of capturing the location. Up4 invites you to “walk around in the harbour or have a drink at Al and Bert Large's restaurant, walk to the Doc's surgery, have a dance; Many new activities are planned pertaining to this wonderful tv series starring Martin Clunes and cast of village characters..” Who knows, you may meet a Doc Martin avatar on your virtual travels!! Take a teleport and relax by the virtual Cornish coast! But watch the seagulls don’t swoop down and steal your ice cream cones! 
Read the whole article here

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